Month: May 2019

21st Century Poet/Author

Something New

Illustrated by S. R. Wilkerson Ashe Marson and his fellow lodger Joan Valentine discover that they both work as writers for the Mammoth Publishing Company. Joan urges Ashe to overcome his discontentment and take a fresh direction in life.Meanwhile, Freddie Threepwood, younger son of the Earl of Emsworth, is engaged to marry Aline Peters, the…
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Clairvoyance and Occult Powers

Illustrated by S. R. Wilkerson In preparing this series of lessons for students of Western lands, I have been compelled to proceed along lines exactly opposite to those which I would have chosen had these lessons been for students in India. This because of the diametrically opposite mental attitudes of the students of these two…
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The Adulteress: A Variation of The Scarlet Letter

In 1642 Boston, Emma Baker, a young woman had a child out of wedlock. Emma thought she was a widow, but her husband, Mason Cox, arrives in Boston very much alive and hides his identity. Emma is forced to wear the scarlet letter A on her dress as punishment for her adultery. After Ms. Baker…
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