Desire and Honor

21st Century Poet/Author

Desire and Honor

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Desire and Honor is a humorous story of love and life among English gentility during the Georgian era. Mr. Williams is an English gentleman living in Wisbech with his overbearing wife. The Williams’ 5 daughters; the beautiful Jane, the clever Lily, the bookish Mary, the immature Ava and the wild Emily. Unfortunately for the Williams’, if Mr. Williams dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never met, so the family’s future happiness and security is dependent on the daughters making good marriages. Life is uneventful until the arrival in the neighborhood of the rich gentleman Mr. Davis, who rents a large house so he can spend the summer in the country. Mr. Davis brings with him his sister and the dashing (and richer) but proud Mr. Johnson. Johnson is soon in the air for one of the Williams sisters, while another may have jumped to a hasty prejudgment. For the Williams sisters many trials and tribulations stand between them and their happiness, including class, gossip and scandal.


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