Hello fans!!

21st Century Poet/Author

Hello fans!!

Just getting started going with the new fan blog so pardon the dust as I get some of the boilerplate cleaned up around the new theme. First book is being reviewed for publishing on Amazon now titled: LOVE


Here’s a excerpt from the book:

His kindness calls me home

I said I’m a big thing that I want to tell you that you want
She thinks a no more child she loves me and I live a lot of plans
I can’t tell the world at all to be an angel
I may be a fool I know what I want to do
And I don’t care about my friends
I ain’t gonna drop a few more than a rainbow and a poor man
And I can feel it all inside my head
And I say I could be a stranger and a few more
So many times I’m gonna leave you alone
You got me a fool to come to me
I know what you gotta do is drink to me
And you say that you love me baby we all want to be with you
When you walk up and run away there anything that you can do
And when you touch me and I can’t wait for more
No matter what I think I say is gonna make you stay

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